From Average To Above Average

For me to move from average to above average, there is one lesson I had to learn. I remember when I started my first semester at college this January. I was 21 and had graduated high school about four years ago. I thought that college would be easy because I did fairly well in high […]


I remember as a child growing up straight A’s were a big thing in my house and when I say big I mean BIG. I remember I used to get so worked up and afraid when report cards would come out because I dreaded a B. It wasn’t because I personal didn’t like B’s. It […]

Stop Making Excuses If You Want to Be Successful.

We are finally in spring and its the time of year for spring cleaning. The time when everyone cleans. We clean our homes, dorm room, cars, offices, basically anywhere we spend a good amount of time to get rid of all the clutter of the previous year. But, what about spring cleaning our personal life? A squeaky clean home is […]