We are finally in spring and its the time of year for spring cleaning. The time when everyone cleans. We clean our homes, dorm room, cars, offices, basically anywhere we spend a good amount of time to get rid of all the clutter of the previous year. But, what about spring cleaning our personal life? A squeaky clean home is always a plus and a benefit, but nothing is more influential or beneficial than our attitudes and habits. One bad habit that can use a little spring cleaning is excuses.

Excuses are like assholes; everyone has one. “I can’t go to the gym because I just don’t have time.”, “I can’t find a job because no one is hiring.” That’s B.S. because you and I both know, you don’t go to the gym because you don’t want to. You can’t find a job because you chose to sit on your butt in front of the TV all day every day. The only reason we make excuses is to make ourselves feel better about our performance or lack thereof. Trust me I know what I am saying. When I look back at all the times, I have made an excuse it’s been to make myself feel less disappointed or guilty I or about what I did or didn’t do.

Developing this habit of making excuses is extremely dangerous. You not only ruin your chances of success, but you also fail at taking responsibility for the outcome, you lose respect, and people will not take you seriously, especially when your go-to excuse is blaming other people for your shortcomings. When I became 100% independent of my family after high school, I had to make all the decisions. I had to find a place to live; I had to find a job and pay the bills etc. I couldn’t blame anyone else for where I fell short because I didn’t have anyone to blame for the DECISIONS THAT I MADE. Therefore, I hate excuses because no matter what anyone says or does you are responsible for the decisions you make. If you didn’t go to the gym, it’s because you chose not to. If you aren’t eating healthier, it’s because you wanted to go to McDonald’s for lunch and dinner instead of going home and cooking a healthy meal.

I know this guy, we’ll call him Jake. Jake has been in and out of jail and has not been able to keep a steady job. Now before he accepts responsibility and man’s up and says “I ended up in jail because I did XYZ or I keep getting fired because I don’t show up on time or do my job right.” He will spend every livelong day trying to excuse his actions by blaming the government or the bosses from his previous jobs or the stranger he just saw walk down the street. Now Jake is almost 30 and broke with no job living with his dad still making excuses.

Now if you want to end up like Jake, then excuses will be your best friend. But if you are tired of getting in your way and ready to start being successful then take the first step and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Now, no one is perfect. I still catch myself ready to excuses something I did or didn’t do now and then but because I hate excuses and try not to be a hypocrite I fight to stay away from excuses and that s all you must do. When we ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY and ARE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AS TO WHY WE DIDN’T REACH OUR GOAL it will become easier to recognize the weaknesses and identify the things that need work.

I know we make up excuses to protect ourselves from shame and anxiety and to shift focus from ourselves onto something else, but all we are doing is crushing our chances to succeed. Tell me which successful people you know spend their time making excuses and blaming everything and everyone else for their shortcomings. Go ahead I’ll wait……………. Exactly not one because they know its A WASTE OF TIME AND IMMATURE. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DON’T MAKE EXCUSEs. If you want to be successful, do yourself a favor and erase all excuses.

So, stop cheating yourself out of being a success. If you are going to do something do it if you are going to say something mean it and if you want to start on that road to success STOP MAKING EXCUSES.