I remember as a child growing up straight A’s were a big thing in my house and when I say big I mean BIG. I remember I used to get so worked up and afraid when report cards would come out because I dreaded a B. It wasn’t because I personal didn’t like B’s. It was because I was scared of how they would respond. Some of you may see this as no big deal, but as a kid being anxious and nervous to do anything it was a big deal.
Don’t get me wrong. The tough love or whatever you want to call it that I got as a child instilled in me the drive to do my best, but it wasn’t until I was on my own that I started to accept it. When we try so hard to be perfect we ruin our chances of loving and accepting who we are.
So, please stop pressuring yourself for perfection. Accept your flaws. I accept that I suck at technology, I have crooked fingers and bunions, and I get frustrated and annoyed in a second flat with people, places and things and I suck at remembering birthdays. Give your life a little character and make some mistakes that you’ll laugh at or never speak of again.  The point I am trying to get at is life sucks when we try to be perfect, so just do your best and be imperfect.